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The Good Thing in Cleveland

Feb 21, 2012 -- 7:04am

By Kenny Roda

If you’re a suffering Cleveland sports fan looking for a light at the end of that long, long tunnel, then buy a ticket to a Cavaliers game and go watch Kyrie Irving play basketball. 

Forget about the damn NFL Draft that is still two months away. Let me let you in on something that my co-workers don’t want you to hear. They have no idea who the Browns are going to take. I don’t, neither does Mel Kiper, or Todd McShay, or anyone not named Tom Heckert or Mike Holmgren. Hell, I don’t even think Heckert or Holmgren really know who they’re going to draft.

What we do know is that Kyrie Irving, the first overall pick in the NBA Draft, is the real deal. He’s averaging 18 points per game, with 5 assists per game, while shooting just under 50% from the field, 41% from beyond the arc, and 85% from the free throw line.

Some of his teammates call him “Young Fella,” a lot of his opponents call him “Rook”, but most importantly, head coach Byron Scott calls his name when the game is on the line and that’s when Irving seems to be at his best. It’s happened 4 times in the first 29 games for the Cavs, and Kyrie is 3 for 4 in game clinching or winning shots.  He missed the first time Coach Scott gave him the ball with the game on the line at Indiana, but hasn’t failed since.

He beat the Celtics in Boston with a beautiful spinning move for the game winning lay up in an 89-88 victory. He did the same to the defending World Champion Mavs at the Q to clinch a 91-88 win. Most recently, he stepped to the free throw line with :00.4 left and the Cavs down 92-91 to the Kings. Good and good again for a 93-92 win!

So do yourself a favor if you consider yourself a die-hard Cleveland sports fan. Go see the one “Good Thing” that this city has going for it in the world of sports. And no it’s not the NFL Draft. It’s a basketball player who wears number #2 and he plays for your Cavaliers. His name is Kyrie Irving!

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