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Not Very Optimistic

Feb 28, 2013 -- 4:35pm

By Aaron Goldhammer



Browns WR Josh Cribbs joined "The Really Big Show" with Aaron Goldhammer, Je'rod Cherry, and Tony Grossi for an exclusive interview to discuss his contract status, his tenure with the Browns, and his plan for free agency. 

On Where the Negotiations Stand

At this point, I'm not very optimistic. We're exploring the option of other teams. You know where my head is. I really want to stay a Cleveland Brown. I want to end my career here. 

On Why He Doesn't Think He'll be Back in Cleveland

It wasn't anything that Banner said, it's just the simple fact that I know there is nothing being talked about. I believe that I could be a big part of this football team. I don't feel like they feel that as well. 

On If He Needs to Sell Joe Banner and Michael Lombardi on His Value

At this point, I've done all the selling that I can. I can't do any more besides going into their office and flipping on tape of myself, saying here, "look what I can do." They probably feel what some fans feel: that my best is over. They want to move on and everything. I bring a lot to the table, to the team, to the organization, and the community. My play on the field this year will speak for itself. 

On If He is Past his Prime

I feel like I have a lot of football left. I believe that the team I go to, whether it's the Browns or not, will be able to utilize me. Coach Turner? He can utilize my skills. We had our best season under Chudzinski. 

On If he Has Discussed a Contract with Other Teams

My agent has been meeting with several different teams. There is a lot of interest. There are already numbers brought to the table. Things are happening. Wheels are turning behind closed doors. 

On If he Would Play for the Ravens or Steelers

Just me being who I was to this community, they would have to come at me with ridiculous numbers...Realistically, those are not my intentions. I don't have intentions to play in our division. 

On If he Would Take a Pay Cut to Stay in Cleveland

When I say I'm willing to take less, I'm willing to take more incentives. Allow me to make my money...I'm willing to take a pay cut on my base salary but give me the opportunity to make it up in incentives.  

On Why He Feels Underused on Offense

Coach Shurmur came in his first year and gave me the opportunity. I was playing behind receivers that were our number one and two guys and I had to get in where I fit in. Doing that, I caught 42 passes, and accumulated five touchdowns. Apparently, at that position, it wasn't good enough, because the next year, I only caught seven balls, with the opportunity of averaging about two to three plays on offense per game if that. So, my role on offense significantly decreased the next year. I was baffled on the sideline like, "wow, I wish I could help my team." We're losing. I know I can help us win. For me, to only have the opportunity to get one play per game, and on that one play I'll get 20 rushing yards or spark something for the offense, and then nothing? For me, to know that I can be a threat and not to be used, I felt like the Browns, last year, weren't trying to do everything we could to win. 

On If He Would Accept a "Special Teams Only" Role Next Year

I've been on this team for many years and watched our offense struggle every single year but once. When I step on the field on offense, the majority of the time, there was an exciting play, a first down, and momentum. For me not to be a part of the offense, I'm not okay with that.  To say I'm just a special teams guy? I'm not ok with that. 

On Brandon Weeden's Future

Especially now that Brandon has a year under his belt, I think he is going to succeed tremendously. The offense is simpler, it's a numbers system, it's easier...he will be able to read defenses without a problem. 

On How He Would Feel About Another QB Change in Cleveland

That would be something! It's something that you might end up seeing, not that it's something they are going to do. They didn't bring in Weeden. They are making the changes that they feel are best to make our team successful. What that is? Time will tell. Hopefully they see enough in Brandon to allow him to be the starter, or allow him to compete for the starting position, without handicapping him.

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