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Eyes on Berea: 8-22-12

Aug 22, 2012 -- 12:05pm

By: Will Burge

No tackling allowedJoe Haden is known for his physical approach to the cornerback position. Unfortunately for him, Pat Shurmur didn’t appreciate his approach today in practice. After being warned once earlier in practice, Haden tackled Travis Benjamin in a 7 on 7 red zone drill and Shurmur went off. Pat used profanities to let Joe know he had to head inside for the rest of practice.

After, Shurmur would not talk about the incident, but did say he has a lot of respect for Joe and he apologized for using foul language where the fans could hear.

Josh Cribbs dismissed the incident as just another day in training camp. “Boys will be boys,” said Cribbs. “It’s nothing. It’s like players getting into fights in practice. You fight in practice and then in the locker room you are laughing joking and singing songs together.”

Saving the best for last – On the final day of training camp Brandon Weeden looked like he was locked in and delivering the ball better than ever before. He hit Greg Little with a few touchdowns in the back of the end zone, he found Alex Smith in tight coverage for a TD, and worked the middle of the field to perfection.

After practice, Weeden confirmed what many in the media already thought. He said this was probably his best day of practice and the best day of practice for the offense as a whole. He added that he still needs to watch the film though and things are never as good or as bad as they usually seem.

Testing the middle and his mettle – On the first play of the first preseason game, Pat Shurmur called for a pass to Mohamed Massaquoi over the middle. He took a hard hit and missed the rest of that game as well as the second preseason game against Green Bay. Massaquoi is back in practice and caught a plethora of passing routes that all ended in the same place: the middle of the field.

Expect Mo Mass to get quite a few passes in the most crowded part of the field on Friday as well. This is by design and for two reasons. First, the Browns need to find out if he can handle those types of hits. They cannot rely on a receiver who can be knocked out of the season at any moment. Also, that is essentially his new job. With Josh Gordon and Travis Benjamin’s speed, Greg Little and Massaquoi should have more room underneath to catch passes. If Massaquoi can’t handle that workload then there is no point in using him.

Showing the fans some lovePat Shurmur made all players go and sign autographs for the fans after practice today as this was the last day open to the public. He then was effusive with praise for the support the fan base has shown the team throughout training camp in his post practice press conference.

On fan in particular made quite a name for herself. She was standing right by the action and yelled at whoever had the ball after every single play. She had media members laughing multiple times when she said things like, “Ohhhh Greg Little baby! I got something for ya!” and “Josh Cribbs! Cribbs been catching those passes! You see that Shurmur!”

She was awesome to say the least.

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