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Source: Architects Say Adding A Roof Would Be A "Nightmare"

Sep 20, 2012 -- 4:42pm

By: Will Burge

When Jimmy Haslam III was asked by the Cleveland City Council on Wednesday morning whether or not he would explore the idea of a retractable roof on Cleveland Browns Stadium, he said that he has three architect firms coming to examine what improvements can be made. The entire city instantly went abuzz at the thought of a roofed stadium on the lakefront.

Today, a source inside the Cleveland Browns organization told ESPN Cleveland that one of the architect firms called the project a “nightmare” in a phone conversation. The architects have yet to examine the stadium in person but said the idea of rerouting the entire HVAC system and making system modifications would be a tall task.

The source also said that figuring out how to put in new support beams would be an issue. Any shifts or additions to the preexisting beams would cause a change in all levels of the stadium and would also force a face lift of all existing floor plans.

Cleveland Browns stadium is built on a landfill so any additional structure or weight could cause additional issues. In short, adding a dome or retractable roof would be expensive and complicated.

According to Forbes, Halsam’s net worth is $1.2 Billion. He just spent $1 Billion on the Cleveland Browns organization so it is hard to imagine at this point that he would mortgage himself to add a roof to a 13 year old stadium.


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